about HI-TECH Elevators

HI-TECH ELEVATORS is established in 1991 and are reputed Manufacturer & Service Provider involved in the field of Elevators.

We are at present Manufacturing Elevators like Hydraulic Lift, Car Passenger Lift, Goods Lift, Passenger Lift, Automatic Capsule Lift, Machine Room Less Lift etc.

Hi-tech Elevators since its inception has carried out numerous project of all categories to the utmost satisfaction of the client. Till Now, the company was supplied more than 800 Units of all possible categories.

Service “can arguably be called the backbone of Hi-tech Elevators. Every Hi-tech elevators comes with a 12-months free warranty period. This period is followed with an annual maintenance contract (AMC)drawn up with the client. The servicing team at Hi-tech Elevators is well trained and equipped to handle breakdowns and regular maintenance of lifts very efficiently.

Hi-tech Elevators has been actively involved in the elevator industry for more than 1 decade now. The experience and expertise mustered in all these years have taken the company to a well known position among elevator manufacturers in India.

Each of the Hi-tech Elevators is manufactured in strict accordance to its uncompromising quality standards and in keeping pace with the latest technology. Moreover Hi-tech Elevators provides its customers the most efficient and technically competent servicing team for any of their needs.

Further, the company had 400 Lifts in-hand of maintenance in and around Gujarat & Rajasthan.